"…a story with a shape, a craft, a purpose: a memorable piece of writing engaging stylishly and intelligently with Austen’s fiction and reputation,’

Sarah Waters, foreword to Dancing with Mr Darcy (Honno, 2009)























"reflects the wit and elegance of Austen's language while displaying an awe-inspiring knowledge of the life and works of England's favourite novelist."

Sheila Cornelius,


"...for a true homage to Austen look no further than 'Dancing With Mr Darcy'... Featuring such a wide range of genres, themes, emotions and characters, there is something for everyone - whether well-read in Austen or not."

Press Association


"take(s) the Jane Austen we all love and admire and cannot get enough of and creates something new and lovely in her wake... here is Austen as she inspires 21st century writers and it is a gift to all of us."

Janeite Deb, Jane Austen Society of North America




Dancing with Mr Darcy

‘Jane Austen over the Styx’ in Dancing with Mr Darcy (Honno, 2009)

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